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01-24-2013, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by maci4life View Post
how about people getting their lips off his dick before we get off his ass.

this is no shot at you specifically, but people need to wake up and realize that Subban is NOT our #1 D, our number 1 D is currently playing and performing very well, and making the team around him better.

Until he dethrones the General, he doesn't deserve the General's money
You'll hate me, a GM I'd take Subban for the next TWO years over Markov. I'd take Subban for 3 years over Markov. And the next 4-5 years+...easy one with Subban winning by a landslide.

Iron-Man: Subban
Frail-Man (but not his fault,etc,etc): Markov

Playoffs performer: Subban great at checking Crosby (and more than fast enough to do it).
Playoffs magician: Markov playoffs: Markov is rarely there during playoffs

Regular season: Subban will get 50pts+ in more than a few seasons while playing solid defense.
Regular season (when healthy): Markov is solid in the regular season...when healthy was good for hockey pools (but worse than ever now since he's so injury prone...don't want to sweat it with his every game).

Waiting game: the only waiting we've had with Subban is now...not being signed (I don't like it either 'cause we could be seeing Subban with Markov out there).
Waiting game: lots of it with Markov (waited 3 miserable years for Markov to play 3 games in a row...but we do have Galchenyuk to show for it, so that's good).

But let's not make this a Subban VS Markov thread...
After all...I want to see my fantasy come true for once!
(I want to see a healthy Markov with a signed Subban).
How many games have we witnessed with those two on the ice?
Not many, imo. Not enough. Now's our chance while Markov's still healthy.

The Bruins or Leafs would take Subban over Markov anyday (for 1, 2 , 3 years...they know Markov is one hit away from going down for 1 year or more). Unless teams know something we don't (that Subban really is a pain and they don't want him for that reason?). You think other teams want to sweat it out waiting and waiting for Markov's health to return? Let's hope Markov can stay healthy in time for Subban to at least get 10 games while the General-in-crutches tries to stay healthy for the whole season/playoffs. Anyways...not a time to hate Markov's jinxed/frail body...very happy he's healthy (yes I am) but want it to stay that way or else...$%^&*#$%^& misery again.

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