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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Just wondering why Carey Price won't win a Stanley Cup with us and Subban will no matter what. (You do know the history of a certain Ray Bourque, right? He needed St. Patrick to get his.)

TSN seems to be spouting that the Subban camp definitely wants Benn-level money. It's a little high for me, but I suppose at this point, since PK has pretty much suggested he'll ask for a trade (which I won't forget), might as well just give him something slightly less. 5M for 5y or 6y. I'm very much against how he's handled this and for how much he's asking, but it does seem like PK is actually squeezing MB to a place where he can't afford to make a mistake. My hope is that when they speak there's some compromise. I still don't think PK has deserved high 5M, but will, and that he should take a smaller 2 year deal, but whatever, apparently we're never going to have a player, D or O who will put us in this position after this precedent. Beaulieu and Tinordi (and Ellis ftm) are watching this carefully.
I'm a huge Price fan...really believe he will win a Cup one day and I'm ready to sink with the ship (if that happens) for at least another 6-7 more seasons with Price...loyal to Price (really believe in him). Subban and Price need each other. They know together they can help the team win a cup together. We just have to make sure Bergevin doesn't scare Subban off to another team to win the Cup. You don't lose Subban unless you get at least a Shattenkirk or Pietrangelo back (these are just examples). I want to see Subban win a cup with our Habs...and I think Subban does too. Unless Bergevin is turning him away from his Habs.

And...I also believe Subban really really wants to win the CUP.
He is built to win the CUP. I'm just saying I hope it's with us.

If we're in playoffs...and everyone is healthy (Price, Subban, Gorges, Pleks, Markov, Cole, Pacioretty, Gionta, Moen, Emelin, Bouillon...and all the other core players...we have a chance in playoffs to go far...we just need our health).

p.s.: with all due respect to one of my favorites (Bourque)...he didn't just have Patty Roy...he had way more than Roy on that team!!!!
By the way...if we have a shot of going somewhere in palyoffs this season...Subban can bring us to a higher level...and you all know it. Don't give him the bank...but get him signed ****ing soon 'cause this is ridiculous.

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