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12-14-2003, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Mark Pavelich
Then I guess I am an Idiot but I have been called a lot worse. I do not think the attacks are going to come to an end but I think his capture is very significant to the Iraqi people and the grasp he had on them even in hiding.
I also don't think he was leading the resistance but he must have had some sort of connection to the outside world with the ability to get out his tape broadcasts as well as videos that were coming out.
I'm not gonna bother arguing because its pointless. Just keep watching our troops get blown up and the Iraqi people get angrier and angrier because of the occupation. I'm not too surprised everyone doesn't realize that foreign occupation in the Middle East only leads to more problems considering what we tell kids in history classes.

And Saddam had absolutely no power or control of the Baath resistance during the last few months. He was just trying not to get caught.

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