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Originally Posted by Roshy View Post
Anyone with iPhone/ipad get airplay working?
Worked perfectly fine for me last season. But do yourself a favor and get that little box of Apple TV, to run the NHL app directly from there -- it's even more amazing than AirPlay, and a lot more convenient.

Originally Posted by allworldcaucasn View Post
Question: With Gamecenter Live, can you watch full archive *replays* of your local teams games? I know you can't watch local market games live, but was wondering if that was also true for the archived game or not.
No blackouts for full-length replays here. They are made available equally fast for all games, whether they were blacked out live or not.

Originally Posted by LARGECAT DAMPHOUSSE View Post
So I am watching the games on a new ipod touch (4g), and the app works well now, except for the blackouts of course. But I have a problem where it plays the game for literally 5 minutes in a really crappy/laggy resolution, before resolving itself into the normal smooth playback and semi-hd quality. Then it will switch in and out between these states throughout the game. Hugely annoying. And my internet connection is awesome. Anybody have any idea what's up with this, or how to fix it?
This type of fluctuation happens from time to time. No way for you to fix it. Let's just hope it will occur infrequently.

Originally Posted by Phanatic88888 View Post
Holy crap Rangers/Flyers full replay is available already just 10-15 minutes after the game completed!
Yes, and not only that game. The exciting Kings @ Oilers game likewise popped up on my iPad in a full-length replay only about 10-15 minutes after it was completed live. Wow! You really can't ask for more.

This service is getting better and better every day, and those who cancelled prematurely because of those initial hiccups, I think now have a reason to regret that.

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