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01-25-2013, 12:06 AM
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So if we aren't off of our hinges upset with everything Kings we are satisfied with only one cup? Is that how it works? To me that is a truly sad thing to read around here. Its cool to vent and poke at each other after the start we are having but we are all Kings fans who want the same thing.

Patience doesn't mean that you quit wanting the best out of your team and each other. It just means that the world hasn't ended just yet and that you can see where we can and will get better. Or at least aren't willing to fall apart just yet.

It isn't panic button time at least I don't think so. This IS the team that won the cup and had a great run getting to the playoffs last year.

We JUST got Kopi back, give the guy and his line a few games to sync back up.

The rest of the guys I have spoken about already. We need to be upset. Its good to be upset. The team needs to realize that it is going to have to work harder than last year against everyone BECAUSE we won the cup and we are the team that EVERY team will measure itself against.

I think that they will and losing these games early is the best time to do so and that we will see a much better team much more quickly as a result of it happening now rather than have a mediocre start.

Its all good. We are ll fans and there isn't a right or wrong way to represent your feelings after a game like this. Just remember we are all fans.

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