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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I have never understood why the Panthers would give up anything of value for Luo they have Theo who had slightly worse numbers then Luo did on a worse team and they have Markstrom who in 2 years will be in the same position as Schneider ready to be the starter. Florida is probably the last team that needs him regardless of where he wants to go.
Has Markstrom turned it around in SanAn after his poor start? I lost interest after it was quite clear the Panthers weren't really going make a big move for Lu, and to think Weiss would even be considered as a part of the deal is just wishful thinking. There is like literally no one ready to take his spot on the Panthers.
The knee surgeries Markstrom has had already would worry me personally, the guy is so young and to think that with his style, more knee surgey could derail his career completely.

If Weiss is dealt, which isn't likely at all IMHO, it'll be for a scoring prospect late in the season after every attempt has been made to re-sign the guy. If the Cats anti up Benn like contract, I could easily see him sticking around. He was a Cat draft pick and has come up through the ranks. If I made that type of money and lived in Florida for that long, I'd find it very hard to leave. Especially now be may have some reinforcements coming from some younger players.

Despite who the Cats have in the wings for the net, I could see them striking a deal in the summer if Lu is still in Van, though I have to admit it'll be the Cats taking us for ride to please Lui over taking crap returns else where. They've done us a solid with Sturm, And Hordi before, I think they'd hae no problem bringing Lui back on the cheap.

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