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01-25-2013, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by crazy Kassian View Post
what have you done for me lately

Remember how highly touted Yakupov was on these boards? Now his potential has already been defined.
You act as if Yak is being compared to a 24 year old undrafted free agent...Vlad has been highly touted since his draft year and he has done nothing but improve his stock since draft day...People thinking Vlad is going to be the better player is not slighting Yak even if he was picked first overall...Draft position is not everything and the only thing that kept Vlad from being picked much higher was the Russian factor...Couple that with what he has done in the KHL and look at the boards the last 2 years and you will see the kid came into the NHL with enourmous hype.

Man Yak fans sure are ultra sensative when another player who has been touted as having huge potential is being picked to be the better player. I think any Oiler fan who thought Yak would outperform Vlad this year was holding the kid to really high expectations ( though it may happen the smart money is on it not). To say 5 years from now he will be that is understandable but I will say either way it goes I do not see one being all that much better then the other.

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