Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers win 2-1: Overcoming Adversity.
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01-25-2013, 12:58 AM
Tad Mikowsky
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Yep, quite possibly the most well rounded game he's played. He stood up to Doughty three times in this game, when at him relentlessly, had the balls to crosscheck him.

Anybody noticing Gagner is stronger this year and won several puck battles along the boards tonight.

Remember the brilliant dish to Yak (saucer pass) in the 2nd period. Or Gagner saving a GA late in game by getting back on a 2 on 1 and breaking up the play. Or Gagner in the two man short situation preventing a sure goal?

Gagner, hitting, Gagner flying, Gagner moving puck well. Frankly Gagner has been involved in every stitch of offence his line has had this year.

Gagner also doing what good players do by growing his game. Worked on the one timer all off season, its showing and the team is noting his one timer and trying to work it. He worked the weights this off season to give him more battle, and he's continuing to think the game better. Sure the Hopkins pass was great but Gagner(nobody else) had the presence of mind to go to the net hard(all night he did that) and without him making that decision we're not talking about the goal.

Finally, Gagner in the paint and messing with Quicks world on the called off goal, The Yakupov goal, and the game winner. Classic. Junkyard Smyth has suddenly ramped up Gagners game. Guess who he's learning from. Any scrum around the net tonight Gagner was there banging.

Yakupov. Told people this guy is the next one. Said it in prospects TC. Sublime skill, heart of a warrior. Gagner and Yak have so much heart playing together and loving it.

Yakupov is a classic entertainer, huge performer, fantastic hand eye coordination, fantastic release and just flying out there tonight.
I noticed that too against the big bad Kings that Gagner did a helluva job with battling. He is stronger.

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