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01-25-2013, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by RealisticLeaf55 View Post
Insult my viewpoint all you like, the fact of the matter is you are blatantly ignoring what Kessel does bring to the table. You think every top player is an ace defender as well? Kessel had a bad game this one, but he covered his ice and broke up plays during both the pens and the habs games. I certainly will not say he is even close to being a defensive stud, because he is not. But the fact of the matter is everyone has a bad stretch or two and when Kessel is on his game, we win games. That simple. Hence my original point as to why he is not "useless" as Dave seems to think.

Rip it apart all you want but I have no doubt many will agree with me.
Kessel gets way too much heat, he's a star in the NHL, period. He's not a poor defensive player, he just doesn't hit or play physical, that's not his game. His game is speed and skill and he's as good as any player at creating offense off the rush,usually on his own. Very few players can do this, especially with Bozak and MacArthur.

C'mon. Some perspective.

You have to really stretch to find fault with Kessel in a 7-4 loss where the defense was horrid and the goaltending not much better.

And Lucic? Seriously? If he wasn't in Boston he might be be Matt Martin. And he won't be an Olympian anytime soon, not on this planet.

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