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01-25-2013, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Too small a sample size for either guy to use their NHL stats to tell.

If you wanted proof that "the difference is that much", I'd say the fact that Murray is publicly asking for more than he paid for Bishop (the 2nd rounder), and the fact that there is apparently multiple teams still interested in him despite the pricetag... while at the same time Irving passed through waivers untouched.... THAT is probably a telling sign that the difference is pretty significant.

You want to find out the difference between two guys, look at the market for their services within the same time frame. It's a fairly foolproof method of at least "ballparking" at their true value.

... And the market currently says Bishop is a far better goalie. Whether that holds true in the long run is another question entirely, but for the moment, it seems within NHL management circles, the safe money is on Bish.
Better question as a Flames fan is this.

For the 10 (at most) games the backup will play this year, is the difference such a large upgrade that it would be worth giving up at least the value of a second round pick?

There is no question on the open market right now Bishop is worth more, I don't think a single Flames fan will dispute that. However I think many (or at least I do) think that the cost to upgrade from Irving to Bishop is too significant for the minimal number of games the backup will play.

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