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01-25-2013, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by SB164 View Post
Was PK our #1 defenseman when he logged 30 mins a night carrying Hal Gill as his partner against a relentless Boston Bruins forecheck in a seven game playoff series, and scoring (at the time) the game-tying goal with under a minute left with a rocket of a shot?
****ing right

That tying goal from Pleks' nice/perfect pass was more than I've seen from Markov's ENTIRE playoff games with our Habs. I don't remember Markov making any of us happy/ecstatic the way Subban did with that tying goal scored against a hot Tim Thomas (we came so close to winning that game thanks to Pleks' pass and Subbie's goal). I went cuckoo for 10 minutes after Subban scored!! And let's not forget...Subban contained Crosby vs Pitts in the playoffs...and did it very well...and I'd trust Subbie to do it again vs Crosby or Malkin or any superstar in the NHL...Subban can skate with and contain the best of them ('re darn right). Markov...I'd give him a weaker/slower player...Markov can't skate/follow/faster stars...he has to hope he can ''out-chess'' them with cerebral positioning, but to contain a Crosby or a need more than chess/ need a Subban (great/fast skating...but no he's not a #1dman...our $5.75mil Markov is since he's always there to help still feels like a mirage when I see #79 out there!! been so so long since he showed up healthy).

I'm not for cocky/arrogant Subban if it is true that he's a cocky ******...but I'm all for Subban the dman we badly need on the ice.
It's so depressing that the season already started and ticket holders can't even watch Subban...the most entertaining dman we've had since...I can't remember. (but still...I hope Subbie is not getting too greedy...'cause it's all a lot of money in the hockey tabarouette!!).

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