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01-25-2013, 01:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Kurtosis View Post
I will bet all my vcash he comes back before March.
Agreed. I'm thinking 7-10 days after the AS Game which would put it around the 26th of February. I'm thinking the 26th. He won't return against the Heat (first home game after the break) and they'll definately want to debut him at home, which would make the Cavaliers game on the 26th my likely guess on when we Rose on the court again.

Originally Posted by RayP View Post
Prado, Delgado, Ahmed, and Spruill to Arizona.

Arizona got hosed. They're fault for taking so long to deal him.
Arizona thought they had a great deal with Seattle (which they did, and that deal was 100x better than ATL's) which Upton turned down, rightfully so. And my gut feeling is that once Upton turned down Seattle, I think most people gave up and assume ATL was were Justin was trying to get traded to. I think that is the reason why Arizona took, imo, a subpar deal from ATL, because they weren't going to get anything better.

Originally Posted by Gootie View Post
Cubs signed Scott Hairston to two year deal worth 6 million total.
It's a good temporary move for the Cubs. Cubs are still in the collecting asset phase of their plan and having a good platoon is better than signing crappy every day players (like Jeromy Burnitz back in the back).

But something has to happen as the Cubs have a full 40 man roster and still have to get Hairston and Villenueva onto the roster.

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