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01-25-2013, 02:31 AM
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-VHP offensively
- I thought Ehrhoff had a strong game.
- A chance for redemtion tomorrow night with a goalie who probably won't be leaking goals.

- VHP defensively. Yuck.
- I thought Sekera had a rough game back there. A play where he played the puck away from Skinner causing him to spin out (seriously, is there anyone who falls more than Skinner?), only to have Skinner get up and just take the puck off the stick comes to mind. Not enough compete today.
- This is the 2nd straight season Ennis has started extremely slowly.
- Well, Grigs got some PP time and overall it wasn't pretty. Looks like he's gonna need some time to adjust to NHL speed there, too. Had a couple nice shifts replacing Ennis with Fogilno and Stafford on the wings though.

- The hit on Gerbe in his first game back. That was a major all day.
- Enroth's 2nd period. What, exactly, was he doing with his goal stick on the 2 5-hole goals? It was a weakness last year, and it's not a pretty start for this year either. The only one of the non-EN goals I can't fault him on was the 5th one. Sure other mistakes were made in the lead up to other goals, but he's got to make a lot of those stops. He didn't do a good job getting square or in the right position for most of the night.
- One loss (aided by a leaky goalie), and the knives are out at Ruff again . Some posters will try to blame anything and everything on him.
- The power play was, in a word, atrocious. Horrible decision making, no willingness to dump and chase when stood up, -1 on the night and could have been more (even if the one that went in was a horrible softie). Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

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