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01-25-2013, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
If Oilfan and MPStoEberleToHall had a kid... this is what their kid's hockey proposal would look like.

Edmonton gives up a young prospect who's got infinite potential and who's looking good in a top 6 role right now and in return they get someone to steal Whitney's job on the third pairing an inconsistent 2nd/3rd line tweener and a b grade prospect.

Really, where's the beef? Where in this proposals lies a player Edmonton should be remotely interested in trading Yakupov for? Gardiner? I'll take either of Schultz or Petry over him any day of the week. If you think that opinion is crazy, then why would Toronto want to give him up? Toronto's blueline is hurting already as it is and this trade doesn't improve their roster from an area of weakness.

Hfboards 2013 New Years resolution should be: No more insane proposals which do nothing for either team.
It's not an insane proposal the whole point of proposal is that there is counter proposal. No GM accepts the first deal they get they want the other team to add and see how badly that team really wants the player (in this case Yakupov). Now if you say give me Kessel Gardiner Rielly for Yak it's also considered a childish act but if you counter with your needs than that is called progress and maybe this thread can be looked at why or why not this trade can/can't happen.
Thanks to all that replied.

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