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01-25-2013, 02:54 AM
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Originally Posted by D3ADLY View Post
It's not an insane proposal the whole point of proposal is that there is counter proposal. No GM accepts the first deal they get they want the other team to add and see how badly that team really wants the player (in this case Yakupov). Now if you say give me Kessel Gardiner Rielly for Yak it's also considered a childish act but if you counter with your needs than that is called progress and maybe this thread can be looked at why or why not this trade can/can't happen.
Thanks to all that replied.
After Yaks performance tonight, you couldn't be more wrong. It might be safe to say that TO does not have what it takes to trade for Yakupov. The Oilers do not need the D TO would be offering and other then that there isn't much else. Yes the Oilers would even pass on Kessel.

Note I'm not a Yakupov fan, but he sure impressed me against the Kings.

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