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01-25-2013, 03:00 AM
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Attack the backhand. Murray gets the early break, 2-1....aggressive opening set from Andy, with way more winners, errors and break points than Roger. Roger seems content to let Murray dictate control of the play for the most part, and has had good luck escaping tight spots usually. Don't think Federer can win this way, though. His return game isn't helping, as Roger starts out on the defensive in so many points.

Roger looks like he is warming to the task in this set, 2-1, on serve...interesting how both these guys can go off the boil and still find a way to win breaks at 4-3 as Roger's serve continues to keep him in the match....if Roger's return game is technically weak, Andy's return game is just really sloppy this set, two different causes with the same effect--no service breaks, 5-5...a very even set goes to a tie breaker...Andy makes a key mistake, misplaying a put away at the net that Roger hits a terrific winner off of, and Roger immediately makes him pay for it taking the set on the next point, winning a loosely played tie breaker. All the themes of the set were evident--sloppy play from Andy, clutch serving and weak returning from Roger, but Federer eked out a set that he needed way more than Andy did....and a final Federer error finally gives the match to Murray.

Watchable match (only because it is close), not a great match at this point, with the two splitting evenly 54 unforced errors...with the return games here, I wouldn't be surprised to see another tie breaker in the match, 3-2 on serve...Well, maybe not this set after all, as Murray parlays a brilliant cross court service return, a forced error and two unforced errors from Roger to get the break, 4-2. quickly 5-2..and Murray takes the set, 6-3. Andy, despite still botching the odd point, looked the sharper player that set. Hard to imagine Roger pulling this out, especially as he has seldom threatened on Andy's serve with only one break point opportunity in the match so far.

Good graphic that showed how much less effective Roger has been from the baseline in this match than in other matches in the tournament, 53% winners in earlier matches, 17% today. Might have been just for the last set, though, as the numbers are bad, but I don't think they are that atrocious overall....Murray looks low energy at the start...and for the first time since very early in the opening set, he faces a break point, in fact, three of them, and coughs up his serve, 4-1...Andy finally looks like Andy on return of serve and yanks back the break, though Roger made it a little easy for him with some weak points. Andy didn't look like the same player that just lost the break....Roger, sensing a lack of concentration on Andy's part, puts the pressure on but Andy does just enough to hold and we are back even at 4-4.....5-5 with the tie breaker looming...but Federer stumbles and Andy serves for the set....incredible--Roger takes command and now we do have the tie breaker....and Roger, looking very much like Roger, takes it easily and we go to a fifth set. Talk about waking up just in the nick of time.

Well, come on. who didn't want this match to go to a fifth? I still like Andy's chances here...and Murray gets the early break, 2-0...strong, confident hold for 3-0...another solid service game for 4-1...a game away now....and Murray breaks a spent Roger for the match in a fifth set that was an anti-climax. Not always pretty, but Andy got the job done. Hard to see him beating Nole unless he is way more consistent in the final.

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