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01-25-2013, 04:06 AM
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Originally Posted by tfong View Post
No our issue is having ANY dman right now capable of playing top four mins outside if Kroner and Smith. I cmon like you think Lashoff is going to cut it? White us out for 2-3 weeks, Kindl out etcc. Kaberle is better than Quincey as well.

I'm not knocking Sheahan, it's just that he makes decent trade bait right since he is developing well.
Take your lumps now, Kaberle is not the answer, he is an overpriced pretty bad defenseman. Kindl is back tomorrow and will get his shot. Quincey is Holland's personal disaster and him and Babs are going to play that guy until our eyes start to bleed by the looks of things. I honestely know that Kaberle is better, I have a very low opinion of the guy.

We will see what Lashoff can do because this is severe overpayment. Why trade a piece as good as Sheahan for a two week problem. If the season turns out poor so be it, this is a panic move and one that would be terrible long term.

You're knocking Sheahan with what you wrote about him. Just because you don't see him as more than a fourth liner doesn't make it true. He is having an impressive rookie year and is exactly the player Nill and Holland have been talking about getting more of. I would come over to the dark side on our board and actively bash Holland if this deal was ever made.

If you want to offer them Andersson fine, I still don't do it, I don't want Kaberle. You can even go for some combination of midtier (like Andersson) and draft pick if they want more, which once again I still hate. But Sheahan should not be moved for some trigger happy save the season move and I do trust that Holland won't do that. He is a 6'2" 215 lbs center with top 6 upside that has been playing at over a point a game for a month and change, leads the entire team in +/- (I do hate that stat for the record but there it is) has been an absolute stud on the pk and is getting better on the PP. He actually is in front of Andersson in my opinion in the callup order, not that the Wings would do that because of decisions needing to be made on Andersson sooner. Should they make the playoffs, I do expect Sheahan to be the fourth line center allowing Abdelkader to slide to wing as that would be their best lineup.

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