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01-25-2013, 05:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
And...people forget that french-Quebecois dman/ex-Sen (average/very average sometimes) Subban had to babysit/take care of and as a rookie...what was his name again? (so forgetful tonight).

He did play 5-6 good games but not much more than that.

Markov is one hit away from retirement (I really hope not), but if it happens...some of you Subban-haters will be kissing Subban's *** sooner than later!! (and for the record...I'm a huge fan of the way Subban plays but not always a fan of his cocky/very arrogant personality...very colorful/entertaining...yes, but he can use several humble pies, imo... one of his brothers seems a lot more humble or maybe is just shy...and I'm not for greed IF Subban really is getting greedy but if he's just asking for a fair price...I'm siding with Subbie-Subbie-doo). And...with all the negative rumors that we can or cannot believe...there is one that is very visible...when Subban is being jumped by one or two players from the teammate ever comes to help Subban...sad or not? reason for this? (ex: recently Gorges was hit behind by a Florida player and White came to his rescue + others.... I never saw this with Subban and this makes me obviously think..something is wrong with team mentality, or...teammates don't care enough for Subbie to defend him...troubling to me since we need Subban or someone who can play exactly like him). Come to think about it...maybe Gill once defended Subbie since Subbie raised Gill's value in the NHL market,imo, but I did like what Gill did for us (PK long-legs artist!).
We need Subban and Markov to compete with the best...

By the way, every guy in the NHL is just one hit away from his career being over, not just Markov...

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