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Originally Posted by livewell68 View Post
I didn't lose any bet. Jagr is faster this year and he is 20 lbs lighter.

He himself said it when he was in Europe playing during the lockout. Go watch his games and you will see yourself, he does look better than last season.

Last season was transition season after being away for 3 years. This year, he knows what to expect.

All you have to do is look at his first 40 games where he had 41 Pts before his injury to see that he was playing very well. The only thing that derailed his season last year was his injury.

I BTW never predicted he would challenge for the Art Ross. I said he would be a PPG player and he would have been if not for the injury. He could have easily sat out the rest of the season and wait for the playoffs to be healthy and he would have been a PPG player.

A shorter season means he can maintain a better pace. He will be PPG if healthy. That is my prediction. Can Selanne be a PPG player? If he can then he can challenge Jagr for who scores more.
Jagr is faster this year and he is 20 lbs lighter.
Here's what you had to say before last season:

"I think the KHL game has made Jagr work on his speed and he will be a faster player than he was 3 years ago just for the fact the KHL rinks are bigger and that he had to shed 15-20 lbs which will only help with his speed."

" I mean he's 20 lbs lighter than he was the last time we saw him in the NHL."

"He was also 245 lbs, 20 lbs heavier than he is now."

So I guess Jagr is about 200 lbs now. Funny how Dallas stars have him listed at 240 lbs... Maybe you should give them a call.

I didn't lose any bet
"So, you're essentially guaranteeing that Jagr wil be a PPG player or better? Here's my bet:
- Jagr finishes the season at 1 PPG or higher, I use whatever avatar you want for the whole 2012 offseason
- Jagr finishes the season below 1 PPG, you use whatever avatar I want for the whole 2012 offseason


Jags6868: (livewell68)

I BTW never predicted he would challenge for the Art Ross.
"I think Jagr still has what it takes to be a top 10 scorer in the league (points wise). "

"He is an all-time great. As many have mentioned, he won't return just to score 40-60 Pts. If he returns it's because he knows he can still be dominant. You'll be suprised when you see just how good Jagr will be. "

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