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Come one people, the next thread is # LXIX, or # 69 for those of you that don't speak Roman. What's the first thing you think of when you hear the number 69? Former Washington Capitals journeyman Mel Angelstad, first NHLer to wear 69?

No. And not that either. We're talking the mid 1980's nostalgic throwback tune by Canadian rocker Bryan Adams, harkening back to a simpler time, lamenting how "the times are changing" and "nothing can last forever". You hear that, BOH Coyotes enthusiasts? Nothing can last forever. Or can it?

Phoenix LXIX: The Thread of '69

Originally Posted by AllByDesign View Post
I think that you are on to something. The all Coyotes attendance thread. People from all over Quebec can congregate and speak of how many more people would be at a Nordiques game. This would be a designated smoking room as well
This would work. Kinda like Detroit Abandoned Homes porn slide shows that they have going on the internet. Someone could put together photos of thousands of empty seats for Columbus on a Tuesday night, then Nashville on a Wednesday night. For whatever reason, people seem to enjoy viewing photographic evidence of the ruins of a city, or in this case, the ruins of a hockey franchise.

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Remember though Whileee...... the tortoise won.
Pretty sure moderately intelligent math guys proved hundreds of years ago that the tortoise would not and could not possibly win. It's all about limits and calculus, so the idea that the slow-moving tortoise named Jamison will win is not something that I would cling to were I a Coyotes fan. It's a nice tale, but eventually numbers get in the way to prove it's impossible.

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