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Originally Posted by Matthew View Post
If you believe Howson, Nail wasn't going to be the pick at #1 anyway.
And that's why we are where we are. Poor leadership and decision makers, as well as too cheap to bring in a decent coach last season because they didn't want to pay a big salary during the lockout.

I mean how you can say you're building a defensive team and then have (statistically) two of the leagues worst goaltenders from last year I have no idea. That doesn't mena Bob or Mason can't become a good/great goalie but if you're saying that you are a defensive club you better solidify your goal tending.

The forwards are what they are. A lot of real solid 3rd line guys (including a couple guys who could become legit top 6 forwards) with not a play maker among them. I understand Nash is gone (was never a big fan of his anyways) but why they didn't pursue someone like a Ray Whitney who is still effective offensively to help anchor one of the lines I have no idea (just throwing Whitney out as an example as a playmaker, not necessarily someone who will score 30+ goals). Instead we have 6 guys who are likley 15-18 goal scorers playing beside each other and since there aren't enough playmakers those guys would be challenged to score 12-15 goals.

Anyways I'm sure over the next 9 games (8 of them at home) that we will win a few and folks will get back on the band wagon, but the only way this team has a shot is if they go "All Out" and get Solid Goal Tending. We've not had a complete game so far (Nashville was close) and last 2 games have shown me the goaltending is average at best. No questions (I hope) that we severly lack on offense. Scoring 3 goals in regulation is a big game offensively.

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