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01-25-2013, 07:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Raym11 View Post
ive been calling it for years that this would happen.

I remember saying a few years ago that he'd be a shell of his former self/and or be in the KHL by 30. Of course many were quick to quote me and laugh, or chalk what I said up to me being a Pens fan, or jealousy, or the fact that I've never liked AO.

Hate to say I told you so but....

At the same time, my feelings regarding AO have changed. Back when he was considered one of the "Big 3" I couldn't stand the guy. Be it his one dimensional style of play, his overly cocky attitude, or the fact that he's been involved in a few questionably dirty hits over the years.

Now, I sort of feel bad for the guy in a way. Not because I like him (I still don't), but because of the fact that he had so much talent and promise a few years ago and has seemed to piss it away, and has refused to adapt and change his game in order to redeem himself back to his former greatness etc.

I hate to say "waste of talent" but mean lets face it, so many guys in the NHL (or even us here at HF) would kill to have a fraction of the raw talent and skill he had. And if we had it, we would want to utilize it to it's full potential.

Whether you like Ovie or not, it's sad to see a guy with that much talent regress that much and soon. It's interesting to ponder that had he not regressed, what would his career look like now?

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