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01-25-2013, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by The Right Price View Post
Detroit or Columbus are moving to the EC before Nashville since they are ET and Nashville CT.

Best, most logical solution, IMO.

Columbus --> Southeast
Minnesota --> Central
Winnipeg --> Northwest

The only problem this creates is that Northwest would have four Canadian teams + Colorado.

If that would be the case then

Vancouver --> Pacific
Dallas --> Central
Minnesota --> Northeast

Although Vancouver will oppose this.
You appear to be running yourself into the vicious circle which is attempting NHL realignment...
1) put Columbus in the East, and Detroit will fight it
2) put Detroit in the East and the rest of the West will fight it
3) put Winnipeg in the Northwest and Minnesota or Colorado will fight it (whichever is still left there, though that team should absolutely be Minnesota, not Colorado)
4) put Vancouver in the Pacific and Vancouver will fight it
5) just put Winnipeg in the Central and both Minnesota and Dallas will fight it
6) and back to the beginning of this circle, if you put Columbus in the SE, then either the other SE teams won't be happy receiving yet another unestablished hockey market in their Division, or, vice versa, Columbus might just possibly think that being in the Central would be better for the franchise than being in the SE.

But this is how I'd handle it regardless:

Option 1
Make the simple swap of putting Columbus in the SE and Winnipeg in the CE (if the West then can't agree on any further changes, then just leave it that way until whevever expansion comes along).

Option 2
Put Columbus in the SE, Winnipeg in the NW, Vancouver in the PA, Dallas in the CE (and say to Minnesota,... now you have only two 2 TZs in your Division and a much closer potential rival; and say to Vancouver,... you've given up Canadian Divisional rivals but got a better TZ arrangement, but hey, you're a big market team, you can handle it,... at least until expansion).

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