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01-25-2013, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Ridley Simon View Post
We need to get a new GM. Any trades made by the current GM will bring more of the same crap we are seeing now.

Caps need a new vision from on high. This current muddling around isnt getting them closer to playoff prominence. Many of the cast of characters the Caps trot out on a given night have either flatlined, or are getting worse.

We can blame the lock out. I get it...."how can we expect the team to understand the new philosophies, and be good fast". Yes yes. We shouldnt expect them to be good.

McPhee hired another rookie coach. He let a lot of salary go without replacing it. We are 6m under this years cap. We have a lot of youth. We are counting on the young players to BE BETTER.

Then why do they seem so disinterested? Why are we 2 games into the season, and the players are questioning their own effort levels? How is that happening? If the players-- year in and year out now since the Montreal flame out-- cant get their juices flowing and show the effort needed...why do we still have them?

We can keep scapegoating the players out of here (Fleischmann, Sloan, Semin, Wideman are all gone....), but nothing will change when the true culprit of these lazy, talent wasting squads is still pulling the strings for the franchise.

Yes, this whole thing pisses me off. 0-2 with a bullet. But we have powerhouse Montreal coming in...we get a win, and the aura of Rose is back.

Chances are GMGM will fire Oates here if this continues. The next 3 games are tough and if the team doesn't find some passion they will be 0-6 and there will be tremendous pressure to get something done.

I agree that GMGM needs to go if that happens but worst case I surely hope that if he fires Oates then he himself will step behind the bench. I hope Ted mandates this to him. Let him try to coach this jumbled mix of players and see how he does. Maybe it will give him some perspective that constantly blaming the coach isn't the way to go.

There are no trades that will turn this team least not ones I want GMGM to make.

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