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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
Well, he isn't a top 4 dman in Chicago, or really any other cup contender.
unless my eyes have been deceiving me, he looks like he would be a top four guy on a contender. good speed, big, strong, throws the body (likes the hip checks i think), good first pass, can skate by attackers to carry the puck out, make a safe pass out of the zone, can make the shorter, more difficult pass, but i haven't really seen him hit someone in stride on a longer breakout pass. in the offensive zone methot brings a big shot, but has a hard time getting it on goal. methot has good offensive instincts and quick decision making abilities. as we have seen with his career, he won't put up lots of points, but i think we'll see more out of him now that he's not playing on a lottery team. playing with karlsson means he's our number two. should he be a #2 on a contender? well, if he's the stay at home defenseman for a roaming offensive defenseman like karlsson, i think he's fine there. edit: not saying he's a top pairing defenceman on a contender, just saying he looks comfortable there because he does have solid skills and his style really compliments his partner's
tl;dr: solid stay-at-home defenseman with a good first pass that can help facilitate offence in the other end, but isn't a go to guy for that. oh yeah, i noticed him falling a lot. i have to keep my eyes open for that. only three games, but he hasn't shown any signs of being worse than what he's shown.

Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
I said not in Chicago or on any cup contenders.

Chicago is a legit cup contender if they get avg goaltending.
Ottawa is not no matter what.
won't really argue with this, but i think sens fans are cautiously optimistic right now. granted, we haven't faced too tough competition (no offence to the panthers and jets). we could really have used cowen this year. i think with him, people's opinions could be different on our contender status.

Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
Stupid move imo. Anderson's a volatile goalie and you need to have solid backup in case he falters (and when Anderson falters he does it in stretches). Shortened season, keep him and see how the market is in the summer.
maybe other fans see it differently, but i have seen andy play mostly solid in his 84 games here i.e. not suck for stretches. in fact, after a bad game, the next one he usually fought back and played a very good game. andy is a very good #1 goalie and he's not that old. lehner is showing us (brief stint in the nhl, his ahl performance) that he is ready for nhl backup duty. bishop's upside seems lower than lehner's, so bishop is expendable.

Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
He played really well in Ottawa when he was brought in after Anderson cut himself. He's obviously huge at 6'7, moves extremely well for a guy his size and is one of the best puck handling goalies I've seen. Tons of upside there, definite #1 potential and he's ready to play now.
i think he was average when he played for us last year. teams have the right to see if he's more confident in the nhl now before they trade for him. he was very solid in the ahl while the lockout was on, but let teams see if that confidence and play will carry into the nhl. based solely on his performance last season in ottawa, i would say we should be able to get not much more than a second, if that, without bishop showing more. your talent evaluation for him is good, except i think his lateral movement could be better. his diagonal movement is the best in the league in my opinion though. good puck handler. he needs games if he wants to reach that #1 potential that he might have.

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