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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Why are people so in love with Ericksson and acting like the Flyers made some huge mistake by not signing him? He has never played in North America. He was a 7th round pick, and then went through another draft undrafted, and then wasn't signed. Do you really think that you guys, who have seen his highlight films and read articles (or at most seen him play a couple games on TV) know better than all 32 NHL teams? If this guy was drafted by the Pens and let go would you give him another thought? Of course not. There is a reason he was not signed or drafted. What that reason is, I have no idea (maybe he has a poor work ethic, maybe he isn't as good as you think, maybe he doesn't want to play over here, etc). But if he was good enough to be in an NHL organization, all 32 teams wouldn't be signing and drafting other goalie prospects.
It was easy to make the argument that if the Flyers were signing a longshot goalie prospect that Sunshine trumped Hovinen in EVERY regard. Hovinen lasted a few months and couldnt even play in the AHL.

Why cant you admit the Flyers made a mistake with Hovinen? Is it the end of the world? No. But it was obvious at the time that placing a contract on Hovinen over Erikson was stupid

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