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01-25-2013, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by nyrmessier011 View Post
Don't know the situation, but just saw video from ten seconds left in third period. Are we in May and that was a Game 7?

Chill out, kid. It's game 3 of the season, and of your career. Direction of hockey celebration=where soccer celebrations currently are.
I know a lot of people disagree with you, and I am an Oiler fan, so people might expect that I would argue with you as well....but I won't.

I just saw an interview with Jarret Stoll and he said the Kings were not too happy about it either.

I think people sometimes make the mistake of assuming those of us who think the celebration was over the top don't like this one player's youthful excitement. That is not the issue.

The issue is how it makes the other team react. One, you have to play these guys again at some point, and two...this is the one game left in the world where it is still frowned upon showing up the other team. I don't care if it is the thing to do in 2013, to rub your opponent's nose in it. I will never think that is the way hockey should be played, and no one will ever convince me of that. No hockey person can be convinced of that. It's why you have Jamie McClennan of all people saying it "...was okay, but don't make a habit of it".

A lot of young people will disagree with me on this one, but that is how this game has been played for a hundred years.

If I am wrong, why would Jarret Stoll be upset and say that the "dressing room didn't like it"? Shouldn't he think it was acceptable, too?

I don't think it was a crime against humanity or anything, but I sure would hope that we don't see anything like that in a regular season game again. I watched the whole game, and it was an emotional roller coaster. But like many things in life, I would ask....what would Joe Sakic do?

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