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Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
After the past couple of games watching the Leafs (both against the Pens the other night, and the Isles tonight), I'm on the Kulemin bandwagon. But not at the price some folks on the trade board are suggesting. Either a 1st round pick OR a good prospect. Not both, and certainly not a combination of both PLUS an additional prospect or pick.

I also wouldn't mind Jiggy's suggestion of MacArthur. I think he could be a good fit for Sid's wing, on the right side opposite Kunitz.

Thing is, I'm not sure why Toronto's trading either player. They're trying to make the playoffs, not rebuilding (even though maybe they should rebuild, even if it's just a semi-rebuild). And with Lupol gone for 6 weeks with that broken forearm, trading Kulemin or MacArthur (or both) would pretty much kill their chances.
I'm not sure what there chances were with Lupul healthy.

It's the type of thing with Kulemin and MacArthur that you wait until closer to the deadline. Nonis will move MacArthur as a rental if the Leafs are out. Kulemin, with another year at 2.8M and then a UFA thereafter, will cost you more. IMO, Nonis would move him for a 1st in this draft.

Originally Posted by #66 View Post
I really like Kulemin but I would hate to give up a first for him. As good as he is, he is coming off of a 7 goal season. I would rather see something more like TK and Despres for Kulemin and Blacker.

Just wanted to toss Gagne's name into the mix. He could be gotten cheaply and should have enough left in the tank for another year or two.
I think you probably could get something done later for value something along the lines that you suggested.

I think you hold that first for now. This draft is two rounds deep. A first is the chip you want in reserve for Sid's winger.

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