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01-25-2013, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
Watching a bit of the Raonic/Fed match now. What I wish Raonic would work on most is his backhand. So many players with 2 handed backhands have them as their dominant groundie. With Milos, a lot of times he lifts the upper part of his body when he hits it instead of driving through.
Completely agree on Milos' backhand, that stroke is definitely more of a push than a drive. Tsonga's is the same, and it's taken him a lot of time and effort to basically strengthen his two-hander to the point where he push it with some degree of pace and control. It's even more important for Milos though because he doesn't have Tsonga's forehand, let alone his general quickness and athleticism, which makes running around his back-hand an even bigger problem.

I'm not that optimistic that Raonic's backhand will ever improve though. At this point, he probably can't do much to change the motion, and by virtue of going with two-hands, you already give up some of the variety and reach of a one-hander. Roddick is another guy who worked very hard over his career to basically strengthen the push on his backhand even if it would never be a weapon.

Nonetheless, not a bad tournament for Raonic. Even if he is a relatively bland and limited player, relative to other players near the top of the tour, it was a first step towards consolidating his place within the top 15. That he reached the fourth round despite some inconsistent play and a nagging injury is in itself a positive sign.

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