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Originally Posted by Rangersfan21 View Post
In general when a team does not do well. The blame falls on the coaches and rightly so. They choose the team, they control who is on the ice and they control how they develop. Yes Scouts bring in some players but the top teams in the league rely on the scouts to bring in a player or two per season. The bulk of the recruited players on the better teams our brought in by the coaches. Think PG, Keefe, Macinnis. I am sure people have heard stories about PG who will literally drive hours to sign a kid and then hours back home. One of the most important thing a coach can do is recruit players themselves because only they know best what they want to fit their system
The teams that are regularly at the top of the league generally have owners who are coach/gm, in PG's case it his full-time job. Coaching a CCHL team takes up a lot of time and it would be close to impossible for a person with a full-time job to be able to do both properly. If you look at SF & Ottawa this season they have the duties split up and have been successful. I agree it would be best for the coach to be GM and do the bulk of the recruiting but unless the teams start paying a lot more for coaches then it is probably next to impossible. I have heard the PG stories also, but for most coaches who have full-time jobs they can not do that.

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