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01-25-2013, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
I thought he walked the line pretty well and fired off some good shots..that got blocked. But then again all our point men had their shots blocked. I witnessed a different game than you did. Green was our best D last night especially in our D zone.

On another point...this is the nu NHL. Limited fighting and hitting and maximum protecting goalies and blocking shots. Thats how you have to win now it seems. Trap and collapse.
I don't know how you could think he walked the line well. He moved only a few feet left or right from the center of the ice, and he took his sweet time doing it. Even Poti, during his single shift on the powerplay, had much greater urgency and range while in that position.

Go watch another team who runs the umbrella, and see how quickly they move the puck compared to the Caps (particularly Green). Boston uses it, for one. Dougie Hamilton is firing off one-touch passes and keeping the puck in constant motion. He's changing his position at the top of the umbrella to force the PKers to adjust their box. Green is doing neither of those.

The reason Green's shots get blocked is because he gives the defense a chance to react and get settled in. He's not launching one timers or even quick wristers. He settles down the puck, holds it for a few seconds, sizes up the defense, and then fires right into someone's shins. He needs to react faster, before the defense has a chance to get back into position.

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