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01-25-2013, 08:27 AM
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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
I'm not sure which part of the quote you're referring to as a lie. But in any case, I don't think you'll get many people who are intimately familiar with the Habs who wouldn't say those quotes are very consistent with PK's attitude.

Now I'm not saying to trade PK (unless we can get a King's ransom) but I can definately understand management's concern with his behavior. If he's like this after his 2nd year in the league, imagine how big his head can be after a couple of more years.

PK reminds me a LOT of Ovy. Both came in with a huge splash, over the top personalities and fan favorites. When Ovy was tearing up the league and crashing and banging, everyone kept asking how long he could keep it up for. He got his 100M contract and after just a couple of years coming off the massing ELC, he's become a shadow of his former self. Will he rebound and become the player he was, who knows? But if a former 65 goal scoring, #1 overall pick with all world talent can tumble that quickly than I don't see why PK can't and why management would want to hedge their bet rather than giving him a monster contract after just 2 seasons that were for the most part up and down for him even though he did show improvement.

This is a business decision. Not a personal one. I think most people here need to get some perspective rather than saying PK deserves it or he's the best etc etc. How about he earns it first and shows his commitment to the team before he gets paid, like EVERY Montreal player before him did.
Very well said.

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