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01-25-2013, 08:37 AM
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The Habs hold almost all the cards here. I don't see any team offer-sheeting PK with the enormous cost of draft picks they'd have to pay, plus the cap hit they'd have to absorb. The Habs are sitting on a valuable property and have no urgency to trade it away, unless someone's willing to overpay. So if negotiations break down, Bergevin has the option to simply walk away and leave PK without a salary or a team to play on.

That said, I'm still hoping they give PK an extended contract. Locking that talent up will go a long way towards securing the team's bright future. Plus, it's a smart way to save money and cap space in the long run. A two-year bridge at approx. $4M per year might save about $2M total over the next two years, but then it finishes and PK becomes eligible to cash in. By 2015 his value and league salaries will have both increased, pressuring the Habs into something closer to $6.5 - $7M for multiple seasons.

Lock him up now at $5M over multiple seasons. Cap space isn't the issue for these two years, but it WILL become an issue when we need to sign our talented young guys. When 2015 arrives, I'd rather have PK locked up with a $5M cap hit than having to renegotiate a higher salary with him at the same time we're negotiating with Emelin, Diaz, Eller, with Galchenyuk and Gallagher close behind.

Bergevin knows this, of course. The disagreement sounds like it's more about philosophy than affordability. Can you make exceptions to rules, and what are the consequences among the other players whose contracts abided by the rules? Why would the players be any more resentful of PK's imbalanced salary than they were with Gomez's?

Maybe Bergevin should be making a deal with another GM to officially offer-sheet PK just so that the Habs can match it and save face.

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