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01-25-2013, 09:48 AM
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Yeah, like we people here need a poll to troll Coyotes fans. As if the 300m$ subsidy, the numerous deadlines, the weeks not months, the low attendance, the dirt cheap tickets prices were not enough...

I personally think that GJ/GB/BoG/CoG will pull another rabbit from their hat and that the sale will go through, just in the nick of time, probably on jan 31st. So I'd vote yes, GJ will succeed even though I wouldn't be surprised one bit if he doesn't. I see the poll as a way to gauge how the forum think this will go.

I think people could vote either way no matter if they think the team should stay or not. But you may be right, this could turn into a circus. I don't know. Just thought it was a good idea. Don't shoot the messenger.

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