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01-25-2013, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Mats NAslund View Post
No way.....He needs to sign the transition contract like the rest of the guys.
Price is MUCH MUCH more important to this team then Subban!
Price signed a two year deal proved he wasn't a bad egg and worthy of a big long term deal....

Let Subban earn his deal which he HAS NOT done!

If we go by players comments he's not a very liked person in the dressing room and really what has he done for Montreal?

PP sucked with him leading it the last two years (can't hit the net)
He's a **** disturber in his own room

Let him mature and prove he's worthy of the big contract and Montreal will give it to him...Otherwise trade him for a young power forward (too bad Jamie Benn is signed with Dallas)
This pathological fear of a "**** disturber" has screwed the Habs more times than I can count. Our obsessed, media-driven fanbase drills so deeply into players' psyches that we inflate it into a sick soap opera and make it as important as on-ice ability. The result: We drive players out of town where -- guess what? -- they flourish elsewhere. Let's get over ourselves. The Habs aren't a friggin' Oprah episode. They're no different than any other team -- a collection of 25 personalities that usually get along and sometimes don't.

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