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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
Markov looks better than I could have hoped so far, but that just makes you wonder: why would you trade him at this point? There is so much experience and skill there from which players like Diaz and Subban can learn for years to come, and a defensive presence that Emelin and Gorges can take note of.
Markov has NEVER been on my list of trade for rebuild. His upside in enormous. He could pull a Chelios/Lidstrom act and play well to 40. His conditioning, attention to health, and off ice behavior are impeccable, as far as I know.

My list of offer for picks is, by priority:

Kaberle without question. He has lost his job to Diaz.

Weber if we are out of it by deadline. Play Tinordi for the last 10 games if that is the case.

These two alone for any picks would make me happy. Rebuilds don't have to be for top ten first round picks only. They need to be for any picks, as best as you can get, to replace players that will not be in your cup window, and can be replaced by developing youth in the meanwhile. ALL picks are valuable. See Pollock, Sam.

Cole, for 1st round pick only, and a decent prospect, if we are out of it by deadline. I am very serious about this. I love the guy, but he is gold to a contending team, as Souray was. He will not be in our cup window, as much as I would love that. Yes he has 2 years left, but he will not be terrible, and will be trade-able again. I see him as a Recchi type, a hired vet gun for contenders. I will tear my hair out if we are 9th at the deadline and don't offer him.

Moen. For min. second round pick, or good prospect. Can help a contender right now, and next year. Prust makes him redundant. He is valuable as hell to a contender this year.

DD, if Gally sticks and is performing at C. I said this is a priority list, that is why he is down here, and not at the top. And I want DD to have a chance, but we shall see. I do not see this trade happening, mainly because I do not think any contending team will need him, or want him. He is not the Erik Cole last great piece for a cup.

Pleks if we are out of it by deadline, and we get a first and a good prospect minimum. Otherwise no deal. I do not see this happening. But explore it.

Non movers:

Marky? for me , no way. Upside is huge, and injury risk will reduce his value to below what we should get for him.

Gio, no, he is the Captain. He could be valuable, but it would be very bad form to trade him this year. He remains. He is the vet and the leader that all the others on this board say we need to nurture the youth. Fine.

What is so shocking about my list? Nothing. And note that Bourque and Eller are not mentioned. They are all upside, very low trade value right now. I want them to play.

Rebuild fans are not suggesting we trade every vet, but that this year, especially if we are 9th or lower at the deadline, we get something, anything for at least a couple of vets that are not going to help us in our contending window. The horror!

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