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Originally Posted by Around in 67 View Post
The Leafs have played 2 crap teams, 1 good team and one okay team with a good goalie, and already people are able to determine their finish 44 games from now.

they don't know if they have goaltending or not. their #1 looked rusty but good in his one game.

their best player is playing well but hasn't scored; that's not going to last.

their second best D played 1 game and stumbled through another.

shortened season or not, 4 games is not an indication of how the teams will finish up in April

this is a couple of weeks premature
I disagree because of the bolded. I think it's safe to say our goaltending sucks and will continue to do so. I expect a finish similiar to the one we had last year. Last year's team actually played well but the goaltending left a lot to be desired, sucking the energy out of the entire team after letting in one soft goal after another.

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