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Originally Posted by TangBanged View Post
Hey, everyone. A few months ago I posted about my acceptance into a program located in Moscow/Saint Petersburg, and I recently just received my International Student Identity Card (ISIC). However, I may have a problem.

My name is Douglas, yet the identity card reads "Dooglas". Should I ignore this and assume it's the Russian name for Douglas (which I read online it loosely may be) or bring this up to my professor? I don't want to look like an idiot.
My Russian visa, passport, regular university ID, and other information all use Douglas.

This probably sounds petty, but I've been told numerous times how difficult it can be in Russia when there's even a minuscule suspicion of inaccuracy.
I am pretty sure the international student identity card is meaningless and nobody will look at it. I had one when I went to Spain (or maybe both Spain and Costa Rica) and I never used it. If I recall right it was supposed to be used in practice primarily as a thing to get you discounts, but I never used it. And as a piece of identity, your passport/visa are the only things that you need.

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