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01-25-2013, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Kate08 View Post
I'm sure that's because they don't want people bringing freaking hockey sticks into the game.

"Well, we could pick it up after!!111"

Then people with kids will complain that the lines were too long, and their kids were tired, and they were kept out too late.

Also, the idea of a post-Bruins rush on the T where a fair number of fans are carrying hockey sticks terrifies me.

Yes, it sucks that it took so long. Yes, it's annoying to have to make another trip in. Yes, it's relatively short notice. Could it have been handled better? Sure. But short of having Patrice freaking Bergeron show up at your house to personally deliver the stick I swear some people would never be happy.
Seiously? People have every tight to ***** about them makingus drive in to pick up our sticks. They should be able to get off the dime and MAIL THEM! It not as if they didn't already charge us a s/h fee for out ST they never had to ship us.

Yes some people will complain about almost anything...and some people will undoubtedly always make sure they are the first to complain about those that voice any of their complaints


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