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01-25-2013, 10:06 AM
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This is a common issue early in the year. The fan base will overreact based upon too little of a sample size. The team has not looked good, but other than last night we have stayed competitive, hopefully we can come out of this road trip somewhere around a point per game and then get things going in the right direction.

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Are we not completely overreacting to last nightís game?

Yes, that game was completely awful, there is no way around It. But some of the comments on the game thread are so ridiculous that its almost laughable. Move the team to Canada if we canít compete?? Jealous of Edmonton? Um, am I missing something here?? Just as a reminder, here are the Preds last 3 seasons:

47-29-6 100 pts
44-27-11 99 pts
48-26-8 104 pts

We have won 40+ games 6 years in a row. Since 2003, the WORST season was 40 wins and 88 points. There are a whole bunch of teams that would trade places with us in a heartbeat.

Look, we may be in trouble this year- it remains to be seen. I have the same fears that most everyone else has, especially about the offense. But last night was just one game, and we have only played FOUR games. To completely panic and write off the season is just ridiculous. We played ONE terrible game against what may be the best team in the NHL, and probably the best defensive team in the NHL. (And also donít forget we lost a game at St Louis late last year that was almost identical to this one- a 3-0 loss- with one of our best teams ever)

Listening to the board, you would think we were 0-4 with 0 points.

I am worried about the offense like everyone else, but as some others have pointed out, we basically have the same team as a year ago, and this same collection of forwards scored the 8th most goals in the league- and last year after 8 games we were 3-4-1 and had scored 16 goals in 8 games- and look how that season went. Was it a fluke? Can we repeat that? Who knows- maybe not, but there is no way to judge that after 4 games, 3 of which were played against very good defensive teams.

The message board mentality is really crazy now days- it is not just this board- its everywhere. I am also an Alabama football fan, and you should take a look at those message boards- we are in the middle of one of the great runs in college football history and there is still plenty of moaning and groaning on there- one bad quarter and people are jumping off buildings- and weíve won 3 titles in 4 years for crying out loud.

Finally, I just have to say this as a former Atlanta Thrashers fan- there are a bunch of spoiled fans on here. The worst season in the past decade is 88 points and you would think by the talk on here that we had the worst franchise in the NHL. Just close your eyes for a second and imagine if your team had an 11 year run with ONE playoff appearance and ZERO playoff wins. In 11 years, the Thrashers had 2 seasons of more than 88 points, (the Preds WORST year since 2003). I would hate to see how people would react to that if you canít handle the Preds current level of success.

As I said, I am just as worried as the rest of you- I think there is a possibility that we may be in for a long year, too. But it is just game 4- it is WAY too early to be giving up.

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