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01-25-2013, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Not so much wanting Arnott, yet, you titled the thread NYR MUST SIGN ARNOTT!!111!11!11!. So which is it?

1. Boyle's an NHL capable center.
2. Boyle has size. He also had 236 registered Hits last season. Arnot had 24. Yup, 24.
3. Boyle won 629 faceoffs last season. Lost 526. - 51.8%. Arnott won 387. Lost 382. 50.3%.

You're too concerned with upgrading our 3C. You don't like Boyle. You hate the guy so much, you suggest we sign Jason Arnott. Jason's slower than Boyle. He's nowhere near as physical. He's not someone you want on the PK. He can barely forecheck. He's worse than Boyle on faceoffs.

Do a little homework before making a suggestion, because all you proved was you don't know jack **** about Jason Arnott. If you're going to whine about acquiring a certain player, spend the time necessary and figure out if that player is a good fit, or even an upgrade over what we currently have.

Arnott's neither.
That's your take. I see it as a great move. How are you gonna acquire much needed DEPTH when you have nothing to give? You talk like a genius, but any one who watched the Philly game last night can plainly see that the NYR lack of depth is killing them. Boyle is not good. He is not the worst, but he isn't good. Decent PK guy. And this isn't about Boyle as much as it is about overall depth. Arnott is skating, he scored 17 goals last year. I don't care what he looked like doing it. Boyle had 26 points in 82 games last year. Arnott had 17 goals in 10 less games.

You had no better suggestions to address the depth issues. Just as I thought.

The NY Rangers MUST sign Jason Arnott to address the depth/center issue.

Thanks for playing.

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