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01-25-2013, 10:14 AM
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Research Soviet Union Hockey training. There was one direct reason why the Soviets dominated sports from the 60's to the 90's and thats conditioning.

Its about being well versatile, so it means playing multiple sprts and training everyday. Soviets did it forcefully but you can do it for fun, i do it and i have a full time job and its awesome.

They ran everyday, they did weight lifting, they did plyometrics and swimming and off ice hockey drills. Tretiak was a monster in net because his training was the best.

If he let up one goal in practice he would do 100 lunges, a 100 push ups, some ups and downs after practice. His coach didnt have to tell him too.

After games, Jagr wears a weighted vest and does some lunges, knee bends, squats and push ups.

Pavel Bure use to play an hour of basketball, an hour of soccer a day. Run for an hour, weight train and play hockey during the offseason every single day.

As a hockey player, be smart. Research what makes a strong player, what makes a player last longer. Coming on here and waiting for answers is fine but no where near enough!

Type in Hockey training. Go out and test your own body.

Maybe your too young for weights or dont like using it. Well theres plenty of non weighted work outs. PLENTY. Go to a jungle gym. Go to a hil.

As a hockey player, most important parts in ur body are

Back, Legs, Core. Improve those first and do workouts properly. More weight does not mean better. Rest and eat right or you wont find maximum gains

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