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01-25-2013, 10:14 AM
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Player Of The Game awards ?

Im the captain of a lower level league with alot of beginning and entusiastic players. I was thinking of giving out some sort of Player Of The Game award for each game. I thought it might be fun to have a physical award (like a golden puck or a "Player of the game" gold medal that's engraved, or something) that I would give out in the locker room after each game. My plan is to give it out to different players each week. It wouldnt always be the best skilled player; sometimes it would be for a great block, or just general hustle during the game. They could hang on to it all week and then give it back before the start of the following game. I just thought that maybe this would be a good team building thing to do, since there's gonna be alot of new guys that dont know eachother, and it could motivate players to play harder to try to get the award. Is this really corny, or does it sound like something fun the guys might enjoy? Does anybody else's teams do something like this? If so, Id be interested in knowing exactly what kind of physical award is given out.

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