Thread: Post-Game Talk: 1/24 vs Buffalo
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01-25-2013, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe McGrath View Post
You'll have to forgive me with how this board works. I stopped taking you seriously after you said he looked like dog ****.
Yeah, it's very true that it can be difficult to determine when someone is being sarcastic...on this board or any written word. As someone who was in the corporate world as e-mail became a communication tool, I learned that the hard way.

But yes, I'm serious about being very disappointed in him. To clarify, I think he *looks* like dog ****...slow, sluggish, and weak. There's no questioning his skill and (apparent) hockey sense/thinking of the game. The problem is that he appears to like playing video games more than he likes working on becoming the best hockey player that he can be.

He could be better than Justin Faulk, but he's not, and with each passing year that he doesn't make any improvements, it's becoming a reality that he never will be. And I'm not basing this on the lofty expectations that some had after his initial call-up in the spring of 2010...I never had those expectations, myself. As it is, he is an average 4th defenseman who is not very good at playing defense. And his deficiencies are *so* easily just takes a little bit of what the organization hangs its hat on: hard ****ing work.

Such a waste...

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