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01-25-2013, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by craigcaulks View Post
A great question really.

I hated the Leafs since I was young basically because of CBC always showing them. Many younger fans may not remember, but HNIC used to only be ONE game. It was almost never the Canucks. I guess it's grown from there, but I remember the first time I heard that the Leafs were the reason we didn't get an NHL in the original expansion. That made my dislike feel justified.

Now with the interweb, Leafs fans make the losing enjoyable.
1. To expand a bit further, olden days style, when the Canucks first came into the league (and sucked) there were a lot of Leafs fans in Vancouver, both ex-pats and locals who had grown up with the Leafs as their favourite team. Through the '70's and '80's a Leafs game in Vancouver was almost like another home game for them. Which was annoying.

2. Thanks posters for educating me on "bag skates". I thought it was because they had to carry their heavy equipment bags with them as they did the skating equivalent of running the bleachers.

3. I always thought that hitting the post should be a shot on net. When I played goal, I felt that if someone hit the post, it was because I had done my job and left them nothing to shoot at.

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