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01-25-2013, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by BrawlFan View Post
Thanks for the info guys

Mike Richards isn't elite in the sense that he'll put up as many points as Crosby but what makes him elite in my books is the fact that the guy is a bonafide leader/winner. He is outspoken, gritty, delivers big game goals, and just has that "Messier" factor. Crosby is more closer to Gretzky. I personally loved MR in Philly and was rooting for him the whole way in LA. Few players can play like he does in the league. Getzlaf is real close to what a larger Richards would be like however Getzlaf has had a couple bad years.
I think most Sens fans would love to have Mike Richards as a captain and in our top 6. The challenge, is that Mike Richards skill level is still really high - he was a dominant junior scorer. He fell a bit because of his size and skating and also a bit because it was a tremendous draft year, but it is really hard to find a guy with that type of skill level / production, who also has all the intangibles. He basically produced at a comparable level to Monohan in his draft year, but brought a lot more to the table (other than frame). Really hard to find a guy like that beyond the top 10 most of the time. Your main hope is if he was with a really weak team with little support, which brought his numbers down. But once he gets on a decent team with better support, his production takes off. Look for guys who lead their teams in scoring by a decent margin. That is your first indicator they might be better than their numbers suggest.

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