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01-25-2013, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogie Goldthorpe View Post
1. To expand a bit further, olden days style, when the Canucks first came into the league (and sucked) there were a lot of Leafs fans in Vancouver, both ex-pats and locals who had grown up with the Leafs as their favourite team. Through the '70's and '80's a Leafs game in Vancouver was almost like another home game for them. Which was annoying.

2. Thanks posters for educating me on "bag skates". I thought it was because they had to carry their heavy equipment bags with them as they did the skating equivalent of running the bleachers.

3. I always thought that hitting the post should be a shot on net. When I played goal, I felt that if someone hit the post, it was because I had done my job and left them nothing to shoot at.
Leafs, Canadians, Bruins, Wings always seemed to have a lot of fans at the Coliseum in 80s. Heck youd see jerseys from the lesser teams there.

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