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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
You have no idea what you're on about. I never said that higher picks carry as much risk as lower picks. Try making coherent arguments. We have names for when we people misrepresent someone's argument and then argue against the misrepresentation they've presented.

First round picks are still risky, many bust, all kinds, every year. We're not talking about top 5 picks that we're going to acquire for cole, gionta, and the like now are we. Or are you living in a bubble?

If you trade gionta for 20th overall pick there is a much higher chance that that player never comes close to Gionta at any time during his career. Wake the hell up.
Ve have Vays of making you talk...who's we? You and the committee?

So you prefer a broken 36 year old Cole, with no cup, to a 20th overall 18 year old pick with upside?

What's your plan?

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