Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers win 2-1: Overcoming Adversity.
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01-25-2013, 10:43 AM
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Its amazing how much "content" last night affords a potential post. Im typically pretty bad for long posts...but...I could go on all day after eberything that went down last night.

Probably safe to assume most of it has been covered already

I'll do my best to be uncommon...

On reffing...The game was officiated poorly. Lets just get the most obvious thing out of the way right now. Stripes was under some sort of optically compromised mode last night.

But also...some of the calls weren't "totally" the fault of the refs. "Visor Instigation" is one of these chicken**** products of the NHL's so called "think tank" and sadly the on ice refs have to back up this BS. It makes it tough for the players to know ALL the rules when there are SO MANY rules. And it sickens me that thats' the NHL we live with today.

Same goes for gloving the puck in the "D" zone.

It should be 100 X's more simple/straight forward.

Either players can fight...or...they can't. And either players can glove the puck....or...they can't. ENOUGH WITH THE CHICKEN**** SUB-RULES ALREADY!!!

The 5 on 3 face off infraction PIM's...sorta the same thing...but...that was more on the on ice officials.

Its really simple: You don't make that call on a 5 on 3. That faceoff is going to be won by the advantadged team 95 times out of 100. Its painfully ticky tack to be throwing centremen out at all anymore...but on a 5 on gotta' be kidding me!!!???

And the disallowed goal took the cake. It really was one of the worst sequences ofreffing Ive seen, ANYWHERE, in a long time. I think it ends up as a testament to how POORLY these officials actually understand/interpret the game anymore.

In a "last second situation" such as that...we KNOW there is going to be desperation play in and around the defending net. Players are going to trade paint and guys are going to get tight to the net. Thats part of what makes it exciting...and more than that...thats how you score goals for petes sake!

To first CALL a GOAL...and then discuss it at a bit suspect in the first place. I think the end zone ref should be in full responsibility of calling goals and the ONLY place he consults with is the "war room" for anything admissable to be replayed. Goals should not be ruled on via "jury". Thats MICKEY MOUSE and UNPROFESSIONAL.

But they got talking together and as soon as they did I knew they were going to botch it up.

As a former level III ref...the way I saw that play...I saw a lucky break going the way of the Oilers when Gagner got tangled up with Quick in a spot on the ice where he IS allowed to be.

I would have honestly called that a goal 10 out of 10 times without hesitation.

As for the ultimate outcome...

Mother Russia delivered sweet justice to tie the game. I have no problem with the celebration. It was a very dramatic game and warranted such a celly.

And fun and crazy as it all was...the Oilers need to keep it real for the next 48 hours and be ready for the next game.

We deserved the win. We got it. And now the team needs to be acting like "pros" by moving ahead and getting ready for the next game. Don't let the crazy emotion linger or distract from whats up ahead.

Great game! Wow!

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