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06-26-2006, 07:25 PM
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Just got back from Vancouver and the draft

My first draft. i will say this everyone should go to a draft once. but i will not go again, omg was it boring, brutal man. Worse than TV. They workers at GM Place said the teams were going too slow and it was the slowest draft they had seen.

3 1/2 hrs for round 1. I toughed it out and stayed for 2 rounds. round two was nice and fast.

I did like our picks though. 4 RWs, 1 center,2-D and 2-G.

There was a fairly big turnout from Everett, Washington, and they went nuts when there players were drafted.

Bettman received huge boos, so did the Calgary Flames,Edmonton Oilers, and the Toronto Maple Leafs by far received the loudest boos, not even close. Every other team was small to medium cheering, cept for the Canucks of course.

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